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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The MDH Masala Old Man

In this world of today, where Liberalism(I am talking in terms of Economy, Money) has touched every aspects of your life. To add, Feeling too. The Great Reality Show, disrupting the Society's Norms and Set.

I am not one of those people who believe that the SET NORMS of the SOCIETY shouldn't be broken in any means with the changing time, but there are few, that I would like to keep it the way it is. Marriage, for example, is a sacred ceremony, nothing close to a very light issue. It's a big thing for Anyone, esp, Women. And having it aired with the Stupid & Non-sense Drama of "Rakhi Sawant KA Swayamber"! It disgust me, honestly, and now the squeal "Rahul Mahajan Ka Swayambar". What could get worse than that, though yeah, I Enjoy it! ;). For someone of "Purane Kayalath" but not entirely old for this generation, I would have liked such ceremonies to have been kept the way it was.

Moving away from that and getting closer to the real discussion.

"MDH Masala"

I guess every Indian Household has/have heard or smelled the scent of the spice in their Kitchen. It was just other day, an advertisement of such was Aired on some channel. Just the same set up, what I have been seeing for the last 20 years.

The Old Man with his stick to balance him, his arced back dictating his long lived years, yet full of life and high-spirit. With His overly grown White Beard smiling and promoting his Product with his own Aura.

2 Years back, I was watching his interview when I was shuffling through Channel, I saw him, and I said, "Hey! The MDH man!!" and there I was watching his interview. With a man of his age, without denial, he ain't a man with gorgeous looks(Keeping in Mind that Mr. Bachchan is also Old but he is Good Looking and also George Clooney), he spoke with tint of Shiver in his voice, "I don't need a star to endorse my product. I am a star myself and I believe in my Product".

It really surprises me how the product still maintains to have hold or grip in such a competitive business world! To continue being in every Kitchen, still retaining it's market value(I am not Economics Student, yet, try catching up with me). This old man, Mr. Mahashay Dharama Pal, without the help of Celerities, who have actually taken over every Product, from Watches to Clothes, from Food to Electronics. Hats off to him, he just refuses to parasite on the popularity of any Star to Endorse his Product. Another point which I would like to add here is that He has maintained the "INDIGENOUS ROOTS" to his product, and yet able to also grow the influence of his Product not only in India but abroad too. His products, which stick to the Indian Tradition of Spice making are rather of immense surprise in today's Indian market when, all other product is somehow in a way, like to be tagged with some star and or a bigger name.

An Achievement of such in these times are Truly to be Looked Up to.

Sir! You Rock your own way....


  1. u kno topsy...i'v alwys thot abt the same thing...as in the fact that he's able 2 retain sucha strong hold. truly, he's an underestimated personality

  2. you are really good with words ... keep up the work